Dear Geraldine,

We just left your house and are sitting over where the Episcopal Church used to be eating the sandwiches we brought along with us. It is just the most beautiful day today and we are so happy that you took the time to tell us some of your stories.

We know that your life is very difficult now after hurricane Katrina but your stories remind us that there are hard things to face all throughout our lives. You have also reminded us that God’s love is unending and enters into our lives even when we are frustrated, changing things for the best.

The two of us were just sitting here chatting about your stories – how spunky your family is – from the twelve year old coming to the U.S. as a stow-a-way on a ship from Britain to the tall, thin and very drunk Andrew Jackson appearing off the train to a bunch of you well-dressed youngsters. Remember you have the strength of your family behind you.

We do hope to stay in touch. Our addresses and emails are listed below. If you send something to one of us – it will make it to both of us.

Please take care of yourself; you are and will be in our prayers and hearts as we ask God to continue making Herself known in your life and the lives of all those in Biloxi.

Emily and Hannah

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